Is It A Safe Place?

“Do not be afraid of the king of Babylon, whom you now fear. Do not be afraid of him, declares the LORD, for I am with you and will save you and deliver you from his hands.”  – Jeremiah 42:11 (MSG)

How much more direct can God be in this verse?

He is clear with His words, “Do not be afraid of the king!”

I have run into many people this last year that have been deeply wounded by church people and pastors.  You can see how this hurt turns into anger, which is driven by the fear to never trust again.  For some, the wound goes too deep that it is causing separation in the church.  The church resorts to tossing people out when they feel they cannot be trusted anymore.  I am often left wondering if the church really the safe place that it is meant to be.  Safety is something people run to, not away from.

Why is the church becoming less known as a tower of refuge and more commonly known as a place that causes pain?

There is great comfort in these words from the Lord.  I can hear Him saying, “Do not fear leadership.  Do not be scared.  Do not be afraid of man.  You do not have to worry or be afraid because I am in control and will deal with leadership how I see fit!”  Then the Lord gives us the security of His words:

I am with you.
I will  save you.
I will deliver you from the person who was in authority over you.

To be delivered means to be set free.

The Lord can set us free from the people that have hurt us the most.  We can experience freedom in the deepest wounds of our heart.  Being set free means that we no longer are tied to that person or the pain that was inflicted on us.

We are not meant to fear man, but to fear God alone.  The one that we fear is the one that we trust and follow.  I pray that today would be another step closer to following God and trusting Him more.

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